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Olive Oil

Due to the great devotion and respect we have for our land and for what nature offers us, we also produce Rioja Alavesa oil using specific and different varieties such as Arbequina and Arroniz olive groves. With this mixture we have developed a unique olive oil, with great strength and a particular character. That follows the rhythm and style of our wines, family made, powerful and with a charisma that seduces the palate.

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Named "Virgin Olive Oil Extra" to that obtained by grinding the olives, the fruit of several specific varieties of olive grown, healthy, caught in the right state of maturity and of a quality , which only subjected to mechanical pressing or centrifugation processes, removing a fresh juice senior. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the natural juice of the olive, obtained by grinding and blend of our native varieties of unparalleled quality.

Bodegas Molina Pérez olive

Bodegas Molina Pérez Olive oil

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Intense fruitiness of ripe olive green tones nuanced nose reminiscent of fruit and vegetables as a fig tree, almond, apple and tomato.

On the palate, it has a very pleasant sweet entry, following a bitter and slightly spicy.

"Bodegas Perez Molina is the first and only winery in Villabuena de Alava oil marketed under its own brand."

Bodegas Molina Pérez olive