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Ariana is born, a whife wine fermented in an oak barriel which was harvested at the beginning of October getting the maturest grapes (Viura 70% Malvasia 30%) in the low temperatures at dawn.

The grapes were picked up from the high part of the wineyard where the poorest land is set which will contribute to the character of the wine 25kgs boxes were used to move the grapes.

Then, in the winecellar, they where pressed smoothly to start with the fermentation in the French oak barrel. This process lasted for 45 days at a temperature lower than 15 grades celsivs. Once it was over and, before being bottled, the wine was kept in the barrels for 30 days until the oaky taste found.

  • Ariana white wine fermented in a barrel Viura 70% Malvasia 30%.
  • Old wineyards with clay clay-calcareous grounds. Alcohol 14ºC.
  • Serving temperature: 9-10ºC
  • Wine pairing: Apetizers, Rices, fish, seafood, salads and vegetables.
  • Place: Home, restaurants, before dinner.
  • Style: Innovate, dare, exclusive and modern.

Bodegas Molina Pérez Ariana selection

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Wine tasting: Clean and bright

Nose: Varietal flavour, green apple, pineapple, peach and citrics.

Mouth: kind and tasty with a nice acidity and fresh feeling.

Thanks to the fermentation in a barrel, it is a wine which will have an evolution and a high development though it can also be tasted since the first moment.